Regional Recreation-Rehabilitation Centre Aquapark

situated nearby and connected with the hotel gives you great opportunity to relax and make your free time more diversified while staying in the hotel. The price of the accommodation for the night includes the entrance to the recreation and sport swimming pool, Finnish and Turkish sauna, saline Jacuzzi, slides, wild river, climbing wall, pontoon slide and many other attractions. We would also like to invite you for a recreational and therapeutic inhalation sessions in a salt cave and oxygen bar, treatments in a criochamber and rehabilitation massages. 


The Aquapark in Polkowice

is one of the biggest and newest recreation and rehabilitation centres in Poland. It never rains here and the sun shines all year round. We started our business on 28th May 1998 and since then we have been promoting healthy and active leisure helping people keep fit and we also entertain children and tame them with the elements of water. We have prepared for you a complex of 10 water troughs, where everyone will find something attractive for themselves. Fountains, water spouts, hydro massages and geysers guarantee perfect fun both for children and adults. For children there is a nice elephant with a trunk on which they can slide straight to the water and also there is a smiley whale spouting with water. Parents will relax after a hard day with hydro massages in a Whirlpool Hot Water Heaters. For strong sensations lovers there is a wild river, which is the simulation of mountain stream leading to the pool outside the building. Some may try their strength at climbing the wall sticking out from water.


Water slides

The newest water attraction is an outdoor, 47- meter pontoon slide. The total length of all slides reaches nearly 500 m. Everybody can choose the level of starting point for the slide and „jump” into one of three colour slides. To the ones who prefer slower slides and to children we offer 45 m long inner slide. For the safety reasons we installed traffic lights on the slides. Photocells and meters build in the slides enable to measure sliding time

A Finnish sauna and a steam room

have already been very popular among the ancient Romans and Greeks, and their advantages are known throughout the world. These saunas differ between each other only in temperature and air humidity. In the steam room the temperature reaches 40-45 degrees, with almost 100% of air humidity. In the Finnish sauna the temperature reaches up to 100 degrees, usually with dry air. We have prepared for you two Finnish and two Turkish saunas in the Aquapark.




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